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A comment on the pictures  of this Site:
Nearly all pictures are researched and scanned by Doro and me. Afterwards they were treated with Photopaint, and trimmed to be " THYRIAN ". This made very much work. Should you want to use pictures from this side remember that,

The pictures may only be used with our written permission.
For purposes in connection with the THYRIA STEAMFANTASY  these permission is granted.

In other words: Please do not just grab the stuff and use  it for your own site or project. By the way we have the  High Res version and most of the originals here.

THYRIA was created without commercial interest, yet the  Homepage as well as its contents are subject to the copyright of
Thomas's W. Wassmann as well as Ann Dorothee Schlueter.  Each user commits itself with the Download of data automatically to the exclusive, private use of the material. The passing on of the complete work to friends and acquaintance may take place only in one piece, not in  part and only under denomination of the author.
Thanks to BSI Productions  for permission to use the German original of this text.


Important note to all left: With judgement of 12. May 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für links" decided the regional court (LG) in
Hamburg that one by the mounting of a link to a page, one  also has to answer for contents of the linked site.
This can be prevented - so the LG - only by expressly  dissociating oneself with the contents of the linked page.

Hereby we  dissociate ourselves expressly from all contents, that are linked with this Website.


THYRIA  is an imaginary world  for roleplayinggames in a Steamfantasy background. The  authors do not pursue any political, religious or other motives with the description or contents of this site. Should a feel unpleasantly affected through something on  these pages: It is only a game, and not the reality. It  is not meant to be taken bitterly serious! Thus please do not read something into it which is not at all there.

Now, have fun.

AND FOR ALL YOU NATIVE SPEAKERS: Because of the size of this project I did use an Autotranslation Tool to bring it from German to English. I then used my own knowledge of the language to get all the bugs out. (And  there where lots !) I think there are quite some sentences left that have a funny construction, but I  wanted to be able to bring up the site first, and then  better the grammar. New texts will be written originally  in both GERMAN and ENGLISH.

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